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Find 14 ways to say Coercion, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 49. China uses Coercion and aggression to systematically erode autonomy in Hong Kong, undercut democracy in Taiwan, abuse human rights and Xinjiang and Tibet, and assert maritime claims in … The majority of criminal cases that currently reach conclusion do so with a guilty plea. Though it seems counterintuitive, a plea bargain may benefit everyone in question. The state benefits from not having to pay for a criminal trial, the prosecutor and judge benefit by not having to try a case, and the defendant benefits… Read more about What Every Defendant Should Know About Coercion and (1) A person commits the crime of coercion when the person compels or induces another person to engage in conduct from which the other person has a legal right to abstain, or to abstain from engaging in conduct in which the other person has a legal right to engage, by means of instilling in the other person a fear that, if the other person refrains from the conduct compelled or induced or Sentence. Coercion in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor. The maximum possible jail sentence is 1 year.

Coercion in a sentence

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Issuing a threat, after all, is a form of coercion, and there are restrictions on the legitimacy of any sort of coercion, even when imposed to deter wrongful conduct. Chinese sentence processing. 2. Context Coercion Hypothesis Drawing on de Swart’s (1998, 2000) coercion theory and Traxler et al.’s (2002, 2005) experimental paradigm, the present experiment attempts to see whether there is a coercion effect in Chinese le sentences in which situation shifts take place due to context, which is indicated by Coercion definition is - the act, process, or power of coercing. How to use coercion in a sentence. Basic coercion is used by the primary aggressor as a punishment when the survivor does not do what he partner does not mean to leave coercion (redirected from Coersion) Also when a man is by physical force compelled to do an act contrary to his will; for example, what you mean clearly and 2002-11-01 definitions.

meadow. en följd.

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As always with law no coercion is allowed. Our power of coercion was not on the ocean. Liberty inspires the free market, not coercion.

Coercion in a sentence

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Definition of coercion in the dictionary. Meaning of coercion. Examples of coercion in a Sentence. John Kline: Instead of advancing a plan to help stop union intimidation and coercion, the board is making it easier for labor bosses to harass employees and their families. Formally, coercion sentences like (1): can be defined as an operation that converts an (1) The author began the book.

The comfort motive is a natural outgrowth of the coercion process. 2.
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China uses Coercion and aggression to systematically erode autonomy in Hong Kong, undercut democracy in Taiwan, abuse human rights and Xinjiang and Tibet, and assert maritime claims in … coercion However, to have an authority figure require that a patient justify his or her plans comes perilously close to coercion. From the Cambridge English Corpus Our broad conclusion is that back-and-forth coercions are useful in a number of situations where traditional dependent type theory and its extensions are too weak. Coerce Coercion - Coerce Meaning - Coercion Examples - Coerce in a Sentence https://twit What is Coercion? Whenever a defendant or someone they know is threatened in order to elicit a plea, coercion has taken place.

English Meaning-Using pressure or threat to get someone to do something.
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av A Lundberg · 1999 · Citerat av 26 — Anna Lundberg: Care and Coercion - Medicai Knowledge, Social Policy and Patients successes", was the sentence with which he began his last letter. Examples of the use of grundskolan in sentences found in books, blogs and well-known journals. Many dislike this and refer to it as "coercion Swedish.".

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Blackbirding involves the coercion of people through deception or kidnapping  Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan. manaḥsaṃvara, m. coercion of the mind View this entry on the original dictionary page scan. hated oppression and coercion and therefore he distanced Today, there are 180 sentences and 600 The first sentence is written by an unknown stonecutter. 3.2 Tvingande mekanismer (coercion) As evident, these two sentences (or more precisely, these two character strings) are contained in an object of length 2. bear children coercion confessed confession daughter defence dungeon elisabeth enslavement false fathered forced fritzl guilty hospital  coercion How to use terrorist in a sentence an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion a person who uses or supports the  penalty. (d) Zina committed by coercion or force [i.e.

form of coercion in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary Examples of form of coercion They opposed any form of coercion, including measures directed at all citizens and at physicians.